tirsdag den 18. oktober 2016

Give a message for the group

This was the request in the evaluation, and here are all the answers.

I Miss you all very much
Friends !! It was fantastic, as hovryv Mark! I am very thankful for every moment we spent together. Ship, sea, our night duty, your smiles and good people - it will stay with me for life!
Thank you for everything you gave me and I hope that maybe we meet again some day.
Wash your fingers before eating!
i really wanna see you all again miss you
Actually I didn’t expect something like this. As Mark would say - FANTASTIC! I enjoyed every single part of this project and hope to meet you once again. This is the best project in my life so far and I suppose that other projects will have hard time outdoing the "Sailing Democracy 2016" immeasurable contribution.
Stay positive!
I would have liked to learn you all.
Thank you! it was cool and sound
Missing you, friends!
The best 9 days of my life, thank you for the opportunity and being a part of it. I wish you all good luck and success.
Thank you! Thank you for the great memories! This was one of the best week of my life!
Be happy,remember all that have learned to exchange and talk about it differently.
the road team, I wish you all the best, develop themselves and others and be happy
Remember the good times
I thank you for that I found wonderful people like you in the same environment for associated I love you all
Never give up and go on!
Hey guys! I was miss you
savner jer
I m gonna miss them all
I love all of you. I am too happy to meet you.

Great memories!